Our acquisition approach is unique

While preserving the culture and entrepreneurship spirit of each portfolio company, we will surgically correct the potential weaknesses, develop the synergies within the newly created ecosystem and more importantly trust and invest in the management teams.
of mergers and acquisition fail (*source KPMG). Why is this figure so high? It is very common for the acquired company to lose its business focus and its entrepreneurial spirit after an M&A. The apprehensions and uncertainties of being absorbed and/or having to align and integrate with a bigger entity frequently put them off balance, which in turn cause them to lose focus and motivation. This, very often, leads to key talents leaving the organization, and hence, the high rate of failure.


Toppan Gravity focuses on the long term. We are industry specialists and we believe in people, in experience and in risk taking.
Toppan Gravity is synonymous with smart money: our team comprises some of the most skilled, experienced and dedicated experts in the market. Our areas of expertise range from digital and physical security, system integration and manufacturing to marketing and business development.


The end goal is to create a comprehensive and innovative ecosystem of companies gravitating around Toppan, fully benefiting from the strengths, influences and financial pull of Toppan without being dragged into irrelevant processes and reporting.
Mission Slide 1
Mission Slide 1