Customizable to suit and ID issuing service

Toppan FutureCard offers 360-degree ID services to its clients, and identity management is an essential aspect of it. The Toppan FutureCard ID management system aims to make things easier for governmental organizations by providing them with an easy-to-use system for registering ID documents.

The solution can be customized to suit any ID issuing service. It can be configured to work either in an online mode, where data is captured online from authenticated terminals or an offline mode following a batch process where enrollment data is received through retailers or POS terminals in batches.


Explore our Key Features

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Key Features


  • End-to-end identity management lifecycle solution from biometric
    enrolment, civil registration, identity issuance, identity verification and authentication
  • Customer enrolling and inclusion of all related, personal information
  • Coupled with next generation digital and mobile identity solution
  • Full customization of the required output
  • Easy integration in the production chain
  • Highly secure system
  • Adaptability to issuer requirements
  • Full support throughout the project; from design to deployment
  • Proven track record of  digital inclusion solutions implantation