On the spot, fully personalized payment cards

In today’s fast-moving world, customers tend to have the instant need of a payment card as soon as they open an account or in case of a card misplacement, damage or theft. Waiting to receive a new payment card via mail and afterwards coordinating with the bank to activate this card has become obsolete nowadays. Toppan FutureCard’s Instant Issuance Solution enables banks to provide customers with fully personalized payment cards on the spot, which are personalized in real-time at the branch level.

Our secure Instant Issuance Solution is designed to instantly generate EMV data and drives the personalization device to encode secured card elements like magnetic stripe, chip and graphical elements. It generates increased security and minimizes the risk of fraud as EMV chip cards reach the hand of the customers immediately.


Key Features

  • Instant card issuance and activation
  • Solution certified by PCI / DSS, and all major payment schemes
  • Ease of use for bank officer
  • High security level thanks to direct card issuance and delivery
  • Reduced logistics costs due to no card / PIN shipment
  • Flexible licensing module
  • Great customer experience by enrolling and getting the card at the same time
  • Proven track record